Wall Mount Racks
Including entry level racks all the way up to heavy duty cabinets, you will be able to find the right balance between value and style from our range of data racks.

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  • EL Entry Level
    Entry level racks are best suited to 'lights out' environments. They serve their purpose unassumingly... These are our best selling racks!All EL Cabs 550mm Wide, Depth as shown in product title.** Between £10 and £25 per wall rack is added as delivery, depending on size **External height in relation to U height:- 6 = 320 mm 9 = 460 mm (with FREE shelf) 12 = 600 mm (with FREE shelf) 15 = 720 mm (with FREE shelf) 18 = 880 mm (with FREE shelf) 21 = 1020 mm (with FREE shelf)
  • WB1 Standard Duty

    Our standard duty racks come in goose grey only, and are a 1.2mm mild steel construction. Each data rack comes with removable side panels and a glass front door, all lockable. They are supplied with depth adjustable heavy-duty steel mounting profiles to take industry standard 19’’ patch panels, switches and other equipment.The paint is a smooth finish light grey. These racks come in a range of sizes and depths. ** Delivery will be added at checkout ** Width on call heights is 600mm, and Depth as per item title. U Height:- 6 = 375 mm 9 = 510 mm 12 = 645 mm 15 = 780 mm 18 = 920 mm 21 = 1045 mm